Run to the Jim Clark Museum

On Thursday the 11th of August we managed to have a run to the  "new" Museum in Duns, it was refurbished and extended three years ago but because of Covid we haven't been able to visit.It was a really hot day, but a great day for driving an open topped car with the roads not too busy except for the odd tractor or slow HGV's. John and Dorothy ware out with the Hawke, Arthur and Liz had the MG, Keith had his Lotus, Alec joined us for a second time on his new bike, a Royal Enfield Himalayan and I had the Robin Hood. We had a steady run up the A697, stopping at Coldstream for a toilet break before heading off to have a look whether or not we could get a look at the former airfield/racing curcuit at Charterhall, when we got there the only entrannce was down a rough track so I decided it would be wiser to continue on to Duns. We had a picnic lunch outside the museum doing our mad doge and Englishmen out in the midday sun impressions, before going into the Rooms. The visit cost £5.50 for us with the ticket lasting for a year, I could be tempted to do the trip again next year as it was a very informative and interesting  visit, I will not describe thewhat we saw as you may want to join us next time.

We went for a petrol and coffee stop at Berwick before a run over to Wooler  and down home. I hope everone whe attended enjoyed the day as much as I did and hope we can get some more runs in before the end of the year