Davrian Dash Update

I can't believe it's been a fortnight since I last gave an update.

Anyway, the dashboard shell is all trimmed up and ready to be reinstalled in the car.  There's a photo below, but as I painted the bare shell black (hoping it would mask any mistakes in the trimming) and I've used black vinyl for trimming, you'll be hard pushed to spot the difference since last time.  

I've also completed the installation of switches and gauges into the dashboard proper.  There's also a photo of that below.  I'm in the process of wiring up the gauges and switches as far as I can, before it all needs to be installed in the car and connected up to the new loom.  

Photos below: click them for full size / more detail

Photo of the dashboard shell trimmed with black vinyl
Photograph of dashboard facia with switches and gauges