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Davrian - Patient Breathes Again

Well, apologies for the delay - I seem to have created an entry and then not published it.  Oh well you'll get two updates for the price of one!

The picture shows the new engine mated to the gearbox but without all the ancilliary services reconnected.

Thanks to Nigel Heighton for giving up his time to help reconnect all the fluid lines before Brian returned to complete the electrickery.

Davrian - Engine Out

Big thanks to Brian Brown and Alan Dawson who gave up their Bank Holiday Monday evening to get down and dirty in Blyth.

The old engine is out of the car,  and all of the ancilliaries transferred to the new (old) engine which has been offered up and temporarily mated to the gearbox.

Bad light then stopped play but we'll return with a further update soon.


Davrian - Pre-Op

Many thanks to Brian Brown, who came round today to check everything over ahead of next week's engine swap.

Things went better than expected and we've made a start.  Engine exposed by removing the rear end bodywork and electrics and pipework all disconnected.

Engine out following the bank holiday break.  Planning to continue on Monday afternoon / evening if anybody wants to lend a hand.



Davrian - The Patient is Admitted

Well, the Davrian came home today (many thanks to Graham for the extra pair of hands) and awaits her engine transplant.


Davrian - The Long Awaited Transplant


We've been quite some time on the waiting list, but it looks like it might actually happen.

The Garage is ready and awaiting the arrival of the patient. 

The Davrian returns home tomorrow and we hope surgery for the long awaited engine transplant can take place next week.


TVR power steering part 2

I managed to fit the column, Peter and I made up our own harness, the ECU had to go under the seat as there was just nowhere else to put it.

So we turned it on and NOTHING!! no power steering we could not decide if it was the column or the ECU.

Buying another ECU on its own was quite expensive so decided to buy the column and ECU together therefore number 3!, but the breaker also supplied the MGF harness. I fitted them both and vollia it works!!

Whatever the problem was I now have some spares.

TVR power steering

We have owned our TVR S3 for just over 1 year. We really like the car but the steering is oh so heavy for Liz so I decided to fit an EPAS (Electric power assisted steering)

Robin Hood Series 3a week 12

it's on the road, 12 weeks to the day since I picked up the shell, and 6 weeks since I took the old one off the road. Still lots to do to the interior and setting of the suspension but I have all winter

Robin Hood Series 3a week 10

Well I think exhaustion is starting to get to me, I have had to take three days off this week as I just couldn't get motivated. Could be that I knew I was going to miss my target to be finished but the rest did me good and I have made some good progress since then.

Robin Hood Series 3a week 9

Big Big  smile on my face this week, filled the engine with thin oil,(thanks Arthur) new plugs wired the engine poured petrol down carb and turned it over- it hasn't been started for 20 years so it did well even attempting to fire. Oil pressure is good  so I just kept the battery on charge and kept trying it all day, at about 5pm it started to fire well so I gave it full choke and kept it going on the starter until it finally picked up with clouds of rust and smoke out of the exhaust but after about 2-3 minutes running it was as sweet as a nut.


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