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Robin Hood Series 3a week 9

Big Big  smile on my face this week, filled the engine with thin oil,(thanks Arthur) new plugs wired the engine poured petrol down carb and turned it over- it hasn't been started for 20 years so it did well even attempting to fire. Oil pressure is good  so I just kept the battery on charge and kept trying it all day, at about 5pm it started to fire well so I gave it full choke and kept it going on the starter until it finally picked up with clouds of rust and smoke out of the exhaust but after about 2-3 minutes running it was as sweet as a nut. I thought I had better have a go to see if the clutch was seized but I was able to select gears and I moved the car up and down the drive without any problems. 

Any way this week i have been fitting the brace to the bulkhead for the steering column, got the wiper motor and wheel boxes fitted positioned the heater and got 2 brackets fitted but I am going to have to give some thought on how to locate the back of the heater. One of my Grandsons came round on Tuesday and Wednesday to help me get the radiator fitted and the nose cone fitted so that I could  get the radiator cap on and off.we managed it but there is only 1mm clearance., we must have taken the radiator and nosecone off the car at least 20 times over the 2 days. Got the headlights and side lights fitted

The next major job is the wiring-I have a brand new purpose built loom for the car with labels on all the wires saying where they are going, BUT no instructions or wiring diagram or even a colour code for the wires, so it is looking like I am going to have to take the main part of the loom, the bit that goes behind the dash, apart to try and follow the wiring. I have the engine loom sorted so I am going to do the lights next as that will account for at least half of the wires. So watch this space.

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