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Robin Hood Series 3a week 10

Well I think exhaustion is starting to get to me, I have had to take three days off this week as I just couldn't get motivated. Could be that I knew I was going to miss my target to be finished but the rest did me good and I have made some good progress since then. I have got the wiring loom built for all the main circuits all fully fused and relayed, still have some of the warning lights and gauges to wire up but that can be finished as I do the dashboard at a later date, I have put a hardboard dash in place at the moment to see how the instruments and switches are going to fit and I will be able to see what it is like on the road before I do the finished dash.I have done away with the light switch stalk and the wash wipe stalk and put them on the dash as I didn't think they were needed so close to hand.

I had a break from wiring on Tuesday and got the pedal-box cover shaped and fitted using 4mm alloy rivnuts so it is easily removed if I need to replace the throttle cable or clutch cable, both are new but sods law says that I am right to take precautions.Taking the protective film off the stainless panels after 20 years is a b********* of a job, Having to warm the film with a hot air gun on a low setting and taking a postage stamp sized piece off at a time, I am so pleased that the film on the shell had disintegrated with standing outside it would have been a nightmare stripping the whole car. The bonnet had been stored in the previous owners loft so the film came off that without too much problems. Got the bonnet lined up and the catches put on but I am going to have to revisit this at a later date as the bonnet flops around and is difficult to get on in the same position again. I am thinking locating pins and strengthening bands-on the list of winter jobs.

I have made a list of jobs to do to finish before I can get back on the road and recon it is about three days work

Bleed Brakes, tidy wiring, fit wing mirrors, seal windscreen, fit washer jets, tap two 6mm holes, tighten fuel pump, fit rear no. plate,fit seats, finish seat belt mounts and fit harnesses, fit door closing press-studs and go round and check every nut and bolt.

On the road by Wednesday.         I will post some photos Monday


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