Robin Hood ExMo (Export Model)

I have owned the ExMo for almost four years now and in  that time it has been nearly totally reliable the one time I broke down due to a blocked fuel pipe I had it repaired before the RAC came to rescue me. I have done nearly 16000 miles in my time with the car and loved every minute, It has been out in all weathers except snow.

I bought the car from Edinburgh, but it turned out the car was built in Rothbury in1996, It is built on a Robin Hood Engineering designed monocoque mild steel chassis, preformed panels were welded together at the factory to make the body, it has no tubular chassis sections.It was built before the SVA?IVA tests came out so all that was required was a MOT and registration. The car was built and MOTed in 6 weeks to avoid the SVA test.

The rear suspension is standard Ford Sierra but the front is a Robin Hood designed  Mcpherson strut set up with Sierra hubs and bottom arms but tie-bars instead of an anti roll bar. Steering is all from the Sierra doner but the origin of the front struts bit of a mystery.

The Engine Gearbox and Diff are the originals from the build and have done almost 50,000 miles in the kit car + an unknown quantity before that. The engine is the same spec as the early Ford Mexico (Pinto engine one) and is 1600cc with a larger inlet valve and a camshaft  from a 2ltr. It has a tubular manifold to a straight through silencer, carb is a Weber 32/36 .Gearbox is the Ford type 9 and the diff is a 3.6 ratio This gives me about 90bhp but with the free reving nature of the engine it will do 30+ in first, 60+ in second and up to the speed limit in third (i'm sure it could do more).