March 2022 Club Meeting

The March meeting was held in the upstairs room at the Holystone Bar on Wed 13 th.  Quite a good turnout with some returning from holiday and others away

.A few points from the meeting-

Whitley bay show entries are now open -- details can be found on the upcoming events page of Club Website

Sunday 21st  April 10am Ryhope Start of season  show--Details on  upcoming events page

Red Row Classic show 3/4th Aug entries now open anyone entering will need to provide proof of Public liability insurance which the club has and a copy is available for members just contact Alan Dawson (

Stoneleigh Mational Kit Car Show. The Club will have a Stand at the show and any members are welcome to bring their cars along to display on the stand. A few of us are planning to go in convoy my thoughts are to leave for the show at about 1pm on the Sat and travel down to the Show, but I would welcome any other sugestions.

The club are buying an additional banner for display at the Show but this one and the original one are available to anyone attending an event were they want to display a club banner. The same also applies to the event shelter we want all members to get the benefit of the Club equipment.

Club runs out will re-comense as soon as the weather gets back to the temperature highs of February

Anyone who has details of any upcoming events please let me know so I can add them to the upcoming events page., please include as much details as you can as igt  takes quite a bit of time to research events before posting them

2 Day Run- we have six confirmed entries and another possible one and we are heading out to the North Yorkshire Moors on the 13th April stopping off for an overnight halt at the Premier Inn at Stockton . This is the fourth year of this event and I am hoping it is going to be one of the best