January Club Meeting

A quite good attendance at the Meeting,as this is only our second ever meet to be held in this month. We learned that Arthur and Liz have arrived in Spain to be greeted by wind, rain and cold weather, and Liz catching the flu-get well soon Liz. Brian Brown has returned to work for four hours a day as he continues his recovery from his operation Nigel suffered a£400 hit to his wallet when the garage discovered two damaged wheels on his Merc.the wheels were distorted sideways which resulted in one cracking. The garage say that it would probably have been caused by going over speed humps on the sloping side rather than going over the flat top as the side had a twisting effect on the wheel "ouch"Alan has put a slight crack in the sump of his car again due to a speed hump despite going over it at 2mph,so that is next weeks job/

It was decided to try out a new venue for the Club at the Holystone Bar and Restaurant in Holystone Village  NE27 0DA so next month we are holding the meeting there. Some concern was expressed about letting people who are not regular attenders at the meetings know, so Emails will be sent to all members old and present informing them of the change as well as notices on the websites, so looking forward to seeing lots of people there,