Engine updates

Following the failure of my uprated cam and followers last year I have been running a standard set up untill I got the head rebuilt. The cam and followers were bought originally from Brands Hatch Racing and after a bit of research they seem to be cheap Chinese knockoffs so I went out and bought a complete replacement cam, followers,posts and uprated springs with new gaskets from Kent cams. I went out for the FR32 fast road cam with the power coming in at 2000 revs up to 7000. I had modified my head before fitting the last cam but I bought a complete set of replacement valves and got them lapped in for this new set -up

Fitting of the new head is a very easy job on the Ford Pinto engines, I had the standard head removed and the new one fitted in under three hours, the slowest part was getting the bolt in the bottom of the inlet manifold trying to reach under the bike carbs. I spent a long time trying to get the valve clearance right as I have heard a few Pinto engines with uprated cams with a right valve clatter. I rah the cam in with loads of cam lube at under 2000 revs for a hundred miles keeping it going up and down the rev range the changed the oil and filter. I will run it for 1000 miles then redo the clearances before opening it up fully , but so far it feels very good.