Our Club Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Holystone Bar and Restaurant, Whitley Road, Holystone NE270DA, from 7-30pm                                                     


Corbridge Show 2017

Leaving home in bright sunshine and a light breeze, I was really looking forward to a fine day at Corbridge show, when i got there I soon realized the Corbridge has a different climate to the rest of the area. Strong winds and low dark clouds welcomed us to the show, Arthur and I managed to get the gazebo up but the wind was too strong to put the sides in so it didn't offer any shelter.

Arthur and Liz in the Lotus and Bryan and Sharron in the Alfa Romeo had stayed overnight so were on the stand when I got there in my Robin Hood, Nigel and Linda  were next in the Bentley reporting that there was no queue to get in, a big improvement on previous years. John and Dorothy in the Hawke and John and Margaret in the Robin Hood were next up having traveled up together and lastly Richard brought the series 1 Land rover out for its Club show debut. Once everyone was in a trip to find a coffee/tea stand was first priority

Arthur and Liz were on marshal duty from 8-10 but John and Margaret were on gate duty from 11-1-30 which turned into 2-30 when no-one came to replace them, they all deserve a big thankyou for their efforts. The organizers had put the price up this year to £10 per person over 16 in an effort to reduce the volume of cars without loosing any revenue  and it seemed to work. There was less show vehicles this year but I think people would have been worried about the state of the field after all the rain but the field was surprisingly dry.

In the end we all enjoyed the day except for the weather but we traveled home in brilliant sunshine-typical