21st June - Ponteland

Having followed the weather forecast, an impromptu run was organised on Sunday 21st June 2015 heading from Seaton Burn to Dobbies at Ponteland.  A handful of cars and members duly met up around 9.30.  The accompanying photo shows the cars, line astern and ready for the off.  Unfortunately, the newcomer at the head of the line didn't feel up to the run to Dobbies so having introduced herself to the others she made her excuses and watched them set off.

Dobbies, however, will have to wait for another day as one of the cars crashed on the way forcing a change in plans.  Keith remained on-scene to await the recovery truck while Liz and Arthur were taken home by the others.  However, once home they felt unwell and were taken by ambulance to the new Emergency Care Hospital at Cramlington.  We're pleased to report that investigations found no serious injury and they returned home in the afternoon.  The car, however, has not fared so well and it is expected that the insurance company will declare it a write-off.


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