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TVR power steering part 2

I managed to fit the column, Peter and I made up our own harness, the ECU had to go under the seat as there was just nowhere else to put it.

So we turned it on and NOTHING!! no power steering we could not decide if it was the column or the ECU.

Buying another ECU on its own was quite expensive so decided to buy the column and ECU together therefore number 3!, but the breaker also supplied the MGF harness. I fitted them both and vollia it works!!

Whatever the problem was I now have some spares.

TVR power steering

We have owned our TVR S3 for just over 1 year. We really like the car but the steering is oh so heavy for Liz so I decided to fit an EPAS (Electric power assisted steering)

New number plate

Hi I decided to return the front numberplate back to standard.The trim around the nosecone was a big problem as it is no Longer available it sometimes comes up on E bay the last one went for £450.I came across this chrome plastic at Stoneleigh I think it looks ok it won't, bend so I mitred it.

The digits were only £16 but a bit of a pain fitting them ended up using silicone as well as the clips.See what you think in the two photos.

Regards Artie

Shiny wheels

Hi when I bought the TVR the wheels were in a bit of a mess the lacquer had lifted and there was corrosion underneath.I found the best way to tackle this was to put on the paint stripper and cover for 24 hours with cling film.

Then for the hard work using wet and dry starting with 200 grade then finishing with 1200 grade I have done 2 wheels as you can see looks OK ( at 10 foot anyway).But my fingers are killing me but it keeps the nails nice and short.


Hello my name is Janice

Hi we have a new car called Janice the name comes with the car which is a TVR 2.9S. It comes with a lot of history including every MOT the name came from the J reg.The outriggers were done at 63000 miles (it's a TVR thing).It's a great car but I need to do some arm strengthening exercises as the steering is heavy.  Art and Liz

Hello my name is Becky

I bought our Lotus Élan +2S 130/5 in Sept 2013another E Bay bargain, previously Robin Hood (RIP) and our motor home. It had notran for 16 years but I had it running in 3 days,just not very well! The last 2 years have been very busy.

BRAKES servo, master cylinder seals, rear calliper seals and pistons, front and rear brake pads.

CLUTCH master cylinder seals,new slave cylinder, flexible pipe, clutch plate, pressure plate, and bearing.

INTERIOR new carpets (almost white) a moment of madness! Seat frame repaired, tacho repaired.

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