TVR power steering part 2

I managed to fit the column, Peter and I made up our own harness, the ECU had to go under the seat as there was just nowhere else to put it.

So we turned it on and NOTHING!! no power steering we could not decide if it was the column or the ECU.

Buying another ECU on its own was quite expensive so decided to buy the column and ECU together therefore number 3!, but the breaker also supplied the MGF harness. I fitted them both and vollia it works!!

Whatever the problem was I now have some spares.

I have managed to get the indicators to self cancel using parts from the MGF and TVR. Not sure how to fit a steering lock yet.

Took it our for a little try in the street as I have no road tax. and I am very pleased with it. I have since made some adjustments as the motor was a bit low and it was catching my feet as I was getting in and out, Liz has enough trouble getting in and out without another obstacle in the way!! I have since swung it up out of the way by putting slots into the bracket to swing it up.

So there you are well worth do Liz should be dead pleased next year, especially as she does not need to go to the gym!

Not too sure if the photos will come through but if they do one shows the column installed and the other shows how i joined the MG column to the TVR column.

   Arthur Stringfellow