November Club Meeting and AGM

For those who didn't manage to get to the AGM last here is a brief run down on what was discussed and agreed by the members present

The major announcement by Nigel that he is standing down from the Committee after all his years service to the club  was a major surprise, He is expecting to have some medical issues next year which will prevent him from driving so he feels that now is the time to step down. I think we should all say a big thank-you for everything that he has done for the club over the years as without him there would have been no club to revive.

The Committee was re-elected without any opposition

The Treasurers report was accepted and after much discussion it was decided to leave the  membership at its current level and look at ways that we can invest the money into improving the club.

The Chairmans report set out some of the planned events for next year including the 2 day run-out, a trip to the new Jim Clark museum, a couple of all day runs with a meal out, the usual shorter runs and Shows to attend

It was decided that the Meetings will rev ert to the upstairs room as is was a better atmosphere to hold a meeting in so the meeting for December will be upstairs.

Included in the £10 membership will be two vynal car stickers with the Club logo but if you want to go a bit up-market a bit then Micheal is placing an order for some fine metal and resin which can be bolted to the grill or through the bodywork, for £25 and this includes a spare badge centre.

It was suggested that more notice should be given for any runs that we organize through the year as those who work find it extremely difficult to arrange time off at short notice. after discussions if was proposed and agreed that any runs be planned for announcement at the preceding club meeting as it is easier to handle cancellation at short notice than planning. It was also proposed to have varying times and distances and several people said they would look at organizing a run.

I am looking at getting a pitch at The National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh next year and I would like an idea of who would be interested.

Finally we are going to get the Club promotional leaflets and membership form reprinted to reflect the change of venue and each member will be given a few leaflets to hand out if the opportunity presents itself