2022 Newark Kit Car Festival

Last week-end saw the return of the Newark show to the event calender after a break of 9 years, as this Club has a strong tradition of attending the Show in previous years we took a stand at the event and had a good response with 9 people attending and threecars on the stand. While the Show was not as big as in previous years, there was a good variety of Marques and Clubs attending and a variety of kit manufacturers and trade stands in the main hall. Denise and Micheal travelled down on the Friday with their caravan, while John and Margaret came down in the Sierra and Hoteled. On the Saturday John and Dorothy, travelled down in the Hawke, I came down with the Robin Hood and Arthur and  Liz travelled doown in the Scoda all of us finding the roads very quiet-everyone must have been queueing at Dover                                                                                                                          !

As you can seefrom the photos a lot of time was spend enjoying the sunshine, with trips to view the cars and trade stands