Our Club Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Holystone Bar and Restaurant, Whitley Road, Holystone NE270DA, from 7-30pm                                                     


2 Day Run Out 2017

Our second annual 2 day run took place over the week-end of the 22-23 April starting from the Blackbird Inn car park at 10am on the Saturday morning. Star of the show was Bryan who brought out the Noble 350 bhp twin turbo v6" super-car" to play, Lionel and Ayuko brought out the Porche Roadster, Arthur and Liz and Keith were in their TVRs, John and Dorothy had the V8 Hawke and Micheal & Denise and Alan had their Robin Hoods. Pearson didn't make it as was at home with a severe case of Man-Flu ( he was quite ill but has now fully recovered thankfully).

The first leg took us along the Military road to Chollerford then up to Belligham for our first coffee stop at the old Wannie Line railway station in two converted railway carraiges where our wildlife experts identified all the wild birds feeding outside.From there we headed to Kielder and on to Newcastleton were we stopped for our picnic Lunch. After lunch, disaster stuck due to the massive pot-holes on the B roads on the way ro Langhol, firstly Micheal badly bent a wheel rim loosing the air out of the tyre then Keith noticed when we were waiting for them to catch up that he had split two rims but the tyres had stayed up. He decided that there was no way for him to continue so after phoning the AA to find that it was going to be a four hour wait for a breakdown truck and they were going to charge him for the pleasure (because it wasn't a breakdown) he decided to nurse the car home with a space saver spare and the least split of the two rims. The remaining six cars headed for the hotel via Lockerbie and then on to Dumfries.

We all gathered for our evening meal and several drinks were enjoyed ........................................................

Alan was up early the next morning replanning the second leg after the pot holes on the B roads cutting out a loop to Newton Stewart. After breakfast at the hotel we got our cars ready in brilliant sunshine, and then realised that we were missing Lionel and Ayuko who appeared at 10am saying the blackout blinds left room so dark they didn't know the time (nudge nudge wink wink).

Set off in some beautiful countryside with great views doing a loop round New Galloway, Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie bringing us back to Dumfries where we stopped at Weatherspoons for coffee. Finding the right way out of Dumfries was a challenge but after a couple of wrong turns we were soon on our way again following the Solway Firth down to Gretna Green and then on to Brampton. Bryan had to get home to change cars and drive to work and Michael and Denise needed to be home early so they headed off down the A69 while the rest of us turned off at Greenhead and down the Military road to Chollerford where we stopped for  a comfort break and cuppa (good call Lionel) Alan headed off from there to have a blast and the rest continued en route

Thank you  everyone who came along, really enjoyed your company. Any ideas for next year (Lionel has suggested N. Yorkshire)